Factoring, also known as account receivable financing, is a form of short-term business financing that takes advantage of unpaid invoices. As any business owner who deals with invoices knows, tracking down delinquent payment can be a huge hassle and generally one of the more unpleasant aspects of owning a business. With factoring, business owners can transform unpaid invoices into cash-on-hand.

How? With factoring financing, businesses sell access to their unpaid invoices in exchange for a slightly lower payment than they would get if the invoices were paid by the original party. Instead of the full payment, business owners enjoy increased cash flow and can save the time it takes tracking down payees. As a bonus, businesses that take advantage of factor financing incur no additional debt. This infusion of working capital can then be used on expanding or reinvesting in your business, purchasing new equipment, or whatever your business needs.

Coral Capital Group is well-connected to factoring partners across the financial world. The requirements to take advantage of factoring are different from most other forms of short-term financing because factoring companies are more concerned with your customers’ creditworthiness than yours. As a result, your credit history or credit score is irrelevant to whether you can take advantage of this funding tool. In most cases, you can expect to receive 85-90% of your invoice total and receive the funds within a few business days instead of the weeks or months it can take to recover payment.

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