Equipment Financing

Coral Capital Group provides businesses with financing for general-purpose equipment purchases. Through equipment financing, business owners can secure the needed funds to purchase or lease machinery or other equipment for their business. Equipment financing is used to avoid risk of inflation by locking in interest rates and prices at the date of closing regardless of future price fluctuations. After a predetermined number of months, the borrower will either own the equipment outright or will need to decide regarding the future of their lease. Either way, equipment financing allows for business owners to get the equipment they need for increased efficiency now.

How It Works

Contact Coral Capital Group to inquire about equipment financing options. A representative will reach out to discuss your needs and the right product for you. Financing requires several months of bank statements and other documentation before funds are dispersed.

Who It’s For

Equipment Financing is for business owners interested in increasing the efficiency of their workforce or investing in new technologies. Use the funds for new machinery, kitchen equipment, medical materials, heavy machinery, or whatever you might need.

Financing Terms

We offer a variety of financing terms with variable and fixed rate options. Talk to your representative about current terms.

Equipment Terms Loan

Unsure about purchasing new equipment? Consider applying for an equipment term loan. Equipment term loans provide a line of credit or a fixed loan that can be repaid over time so you can acquire equipment now and test it out before committing.

Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

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