Short Term Funding

Starting your business is one of the most exciting and potentially anxiety-ridden experiences of your life, especially if you are not used to business expenses and how they can add up. Between inventory, equipment purchasing, payroll, insurance, rent, unforeseen circumstances, and a myriad of other potential expenses, having the capital to cover the bills at any given point can become difficult. 

While we hope our clients never have to use short term funding, we understand the necessity of it from time to time. That is why we offer competitive rates for cash infusions into your company, whether you are a small trucking company or have millions of dollars in revenue each quarter. We provide short term funding approval fast with funds depositing into your bank account within a few business days after approval. 

Additional forms of short-term funding include inventory financing, bridge loans, and factoring. Inventory financing provides business owners with the option to raise money to invest in new inventory or equipment with said inventory or equipment acting as collateral against the loan. Bridge loans are short-term loans set up to cover expenses between major events in the life of the company. Events could include expansion, renovation, or new business acquisition, for example. Factoring is another form of loan used by companies that handle large numbers of invoices. By selling your invoices, you free up additional funds and the time required to track those invoices down. 

For more information regarding any of our short term funding options, please contact our Hollywood, Florida or New York, New York offices via email at, over the phone, or with our contact form today. 

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