Transportation and logistics companies require huge upfront investment to get off the ground. When you consider the number of vehicles required, the logistical planning of long-haul trucking and package assortment, personnel costs and insurance, the numbers start to add up. Thankfully, Coral Capital Group is experienced in working with new and established transportation companies to analyze your business needs and come up with a funding option that works best for you. 

Coral Capital Group is the one-stop-shop for hundreds upon hundreds of companies for all their financing needs. We provide traditional financing options like business loans and lines of credit, in addition to more specialized funding possibilities, like factoring and inventory financing. Whether your transportation company needs a new suite of limousines or 18-wheelers, Coral Capital Group can help. 

Typically, transportation financing falls into one of three categories: equipment, expansion, or renovations. Our working capital ranges from ten thousand dollars to tens of millions depending on your needs. Coral Capital Group boasts quick approval status and funds disbursement with funds appearing in your account often within forty-eight hours. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help offset operational costs, purchases, insurance, oil costs, marketing projects, and employee hiring.  

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