Everyone knows that healthcare costs in the United States can be astronomical, but few think about the rising costs of opening your own private healthcare practice. To succeed, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, and others in the medical profession need access to state-of-the-art equipment and the best staff available. We at Coral Capital Group understand this necessity, not just for you but for your patients. When new patients come into your private practice, it’s key that they feel secure and like they are getting the best possible care at your establishment.

We believe that all our healthcare provider partners equally deserve the best possible financial care. We have worked with thousands of independent practices across the United States to set up funding sources and financing for investment in new, better equipment, surgical tools and facilities, office supplies like computers, expanded staffing, and much more. 

The financial experts on staff are familiar with all kinds of financing options for medical providers and with the tricky legal framework that makes healthcare funding difficult. Coral Capital Group’s short and long-term funding options are perfect for office expansion or bringing in new partners, constructing new office buildings or extensions to existing care facilities, and to keep cash flow high to meet day-to-day expenses during down time. 

Don’t get caught without financing next time you need it. Contact our Hollywood, Florida or New York, New York offices via email at, over the phone, or with our contact form today. 

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