Manufacturing in the United States has gotten expensive and difficult, but with a reliable source of bridge funding and business credit, your business has all the tools to succeed. Coral Capital Group is known for our commitment to growing our business partners. We began small and have since grown to provide tens of millions of dollars in lending to businesses across the country; we want to assist business owners who are on a similar journey.

Whether you are investing in your first round of machinery for your new manufacturing business or are ready to expand, Coral Capital Group’s wide array of financing options can provide the cashflow you need. 

We primarily offer four types of funding options to qualified borrowers. 

With Short Term Funding, business owners can get access to much-needed liquidity fast. Over the course of three to eighteen months, business owners repay their short-term loan.

Business Lines of Credit provide businesses owners with a revolving line of credit. In other words, instead of taking out one large loan and getting the money as a lump sum, business lines of credit allow you to take out only what you need and pay back only what you took out.

Factoring allows businesses to earn money on unpaid invoices. By bringing in a third party to take care of invoice and payment collection in exchange for a percentage of the invoice total, manufacturing business owners can spend more time on their business instead of in their business. 

Finally, Bridge Loans are great for when you need funding between two specific points or milestones. Often, bridge loans are used to provide income before an initial public offering. Manufacturing companies may use bridge loans between major jobs, for example.

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Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

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