Coral Capital Group is unique in the small business investment world for several reasons. Most companies are simply transactional businesses, taking advantage of the typical three-party relationship between broker, lender, and business looking for money. Often, businesses need cash to make a purchase, whether that is to flip a house, meet payroll, or invest in a container, and the brokers are short sighted in providing a solution for that need. Most lenders are only interested in figuring out how to get an in with the business, keep their risk low and profit high, and get out of the way.

At Coral Capital Group, we do not believe in short-sighted business opportunities like the one described above. We believe in investing in the long-term health of each of our partner companies and in creating relationships that will last for decades to come. We know that if we can help a company a little now in the short-term, that help will become the foundation of a long and prosperous relationship built on mutual growth.  

Coral Capital Group finds financing solutions for small businesses of all kinds. Whether you need short term funding to invest in new equipment, need to open a business line of credit for regular access to capital, or are interested in learning more about invoice factoring, our financial experts are available 24/7 to talk about your business and all the ways we can help. 

Contact our Hollywood, Florida or New York, New York offices via email at info@coralcapitalgroup.com or with our contact form.

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